Union Stewards

The Role Of A Union Steward

Just a little background on the need for stewards:  The Ohio State Troopers Association uses the term “Steward” to identify the person tasked with assuring those daily operations at the post level are in compliance with articles of the current contract.  Employees needed someone on the spot to whom they could talk to about a potential grievance as the need came up.  A person was needed to make sure management was living up to its agreement day by day, for collective bargaining demands internal vigilance.

The District “Stewards” are the cornerstone of the O.S.T.A. at each post, the protect tor of the O.S.T.A. contract and the director of communications between each individual employee in your unit and the management of your facility.  To protect the contract, you must KNOW THE CONTRACT so each Steward is charged with reading over every word of the contract and becoming familiar with the provisions and understanding how they apply to special conditions in your department.

Each District is entitled to a Chief Steward as well as a Unit 15 Steward.  In addition, each Post is entitled to have a resident Steward and an Alternate.  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Steward, please have them contact their District Staff Representative or the O.S.T.A. Office at 614-781-7686.