Ohio Troopers Combined Board

Have you thought about becoming part of the combined board?

Becoming involved in the board is the easiest way to stay informed of new developments or decisions that involve you as an employee of the Ohio Highway Patrol!  What better way to have your voice and the voice of your constituents heard than to be a part of the decision-making!   You will be involved in issues such as making responsible financial decisions on behalf of the Ohio Trooper organizations, deciding upon organizational sponsorship, benefits to the membership, concerns of your fellow members regarding policies, etc, and being the last vote upon future arbitrations that the association takes part of.   

A typical meeting includes approving minutes from the previous board meeting, approving the budget for each individual organization, hearing appeals that were turned down by the legal committee, executive officer reporting as well as an update from our legal counsel team.  Committee developments are discussed as well as each district staff representative sharing details of their recent workload that would be beneficial to others.  Each district has an opportunity to bring any concerns or issues to the table during this meeting.  We go over any old business that was tabled and vote on any new business at hand.  It is truly the opportunity to become the eyes and ears of the organization and most importantly the VOICE!    

Members of the Combined Board consist of O.S.T.A. members of both Bargaining Units 1 and 15.  The requirements of eligibility to be a member of the board are that you are a dues-paying member and in good standing.  You must actively participate in all of the board meetings and take an active role in promoting the Ohio Trooper Organizations.   Combined Board members are the “go-between” the union and its constituents and are therefore expected to keep well informed of the developments that are relevant to issues that come before the board.  

There are two levels to the Combined Board, Executive and Lodge Levels Executive Level elections occur every four years and Lodgel Level elections occur every two years.  The Executive Level consists of the Chairman of the Board, President, Vice President Secretary, and Treasurer for all five organizations (O.S.T.A., O.T.C., T.S.O., Caring and O.S.T.R.A.) as well as the Bargaining Unit Chairperson for Units 1 and 15, Legal Committee Chairperson, District Staff Representatives and the O.S.T.A. General Counsel.   At the Lodge Level, each District has a Lodge President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and O.T.C. (Caring) Director. 

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Combined Board, share your interest with your District Staff Representative or contact Elaine Silveira, Executive Director at esilveira@ohiotroopers.org or 614-781-7686.  We look forward to hearing from you!

2020-2024 Combined Board Officers

Findlay District 

Sergeant James Cotner

Sergeant Christopher Fitzgerald

Trooper Jacquelyn Layson

Bucyrus District

Trooper Don Pratt

Cleveland District

Sergeant Christopher Ausse

Sergeant David Francway

Trooper Steve Robison

Warren District

Dispatcher Charles Land

Trooper Stephen Pacheco

Dan Stockdale, Retired

Trooper Josh Weiss

Bruce Zuchowski, Retired

Piqua District

Sergeant Chris Colbert

Dispatcher Travis Jones

Trooper Mark Murray

Dispatcher Kari Root

Dispatcher Doug Townsell

Columbus District

Dispatcher Tom Davis

Sergeant Dave Sizemore

Trooper Nikki Snead

Cambridge District

Trooper Leroy Bethel

Trooper Brittany Brannon

Trooper Tim Scott

Wilmington District

Sergeant Bryan Cook

Dennis Gorski, Retired

Trooper James Hutchinson

Jackson District

Sergeant David Richendollar

Dispatcher Jason Whitt