Troopers for a Safer Ohio

Troopers for a Safer Ohio (TSO), is the civic wing of the Ohio Troopers Organizations. It supports collective bargaining by working together with the OSHP in protecting the funding source of the OSHP. It supports legislation that ensures a safer Ohio as well as improvements in OSHP employee careers.

In addition to the legislative aspect, TSO is able to offer financial support to help promote the education of Ohio’s citizens in a manner which will help reduce traffic deaths. TSO has chosen to demonstrate our commitment to educating our youth on making positive decisions regarding drugs and alcohol and thinking responsibly. Two events that TSO contributes to are the “Prom Pledge – Impact” program and “None for Under 21” program. In 2014, TSO partnered with the State Highway Patrol Federal Credit Union to match the SHPFCU’s donation to Maria’s Message, which is dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of distracted driving. It is TSO’s goal to not only continue to provide financial support to these programs but to increase and guarantee our charitable funding. Without the charitable help of others, these programs would not be where they are today nor would they be able to continue to provide such a strong message to our youth.

T.S.O. is funded through a charitable solicitation drive conducted by a professional fundraiser (Full Sail Marketing, Inc.)

Corporate Constitution



Tpr. Don Pratt - Fremont

Vice President

Disp. Travis Jones - Lebanon


Sgt. David Sizemore - Aviation


Disp. Mark Duncan - Portsmouth

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