Over the course of time Ohio’s State Highway Patrol Troopers grew to recognize that no organization then available shared or cared about the same issues as did troopers. They felt the need to establish an organization to address those concerns. Thus the Ohio Troopers Coalition (OTC) was established in 1984 to assist in promoting the image of troopers across the state. It is what is known as the umbrella organization of our Ohio Troopers and is the eldest and the father of the rest of the Ohio Troopers Organizations.

The Coalition gave the troopers a fraternal link to the National Troopers Coalition and to road troopers across the country. The Coalition became a vehicle, by which income could be generated through public fundraising. This income permitted the troopers to conduct their programs and educate the public, the legislature and the media about their needs and concerns. The Coalition quickly became voice of the troopers, the benefactor of their families, and the supporter of their families during times of need. The Coalition with its 3,000 plus members has matured over the years and now maintains the Ohio Trooper Organization’s offices and conducts the business affairs for the troopers as well as conducting educational and public relations projects across the state. The OTC maintains nine lodges across the state giving troopers a grass roots organization that elects the statewide officers, sets the direction of the organization, and elects the delegates to the annual conference. It produces the funding that drives “Caring” and created the Ohio State Troopers Association.

The OTC is funded through a charitable solicitation drive conducted by a professional fundraiser (Residential Programs, Inc.).

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Dennis Gorski - Retired


Tpr. James Hutchinson - Hamilton

Vice President

Sgt. Chris Colbert - Dayton


Dan Stockdale - Retired