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The link in the chain that forges the strongest bonds with the general public and is the charitable wing of the Ohio Troopers Organizations is Ohio Troopers Caring. “Caring” is the vehicle by which Troopers and Uniform Communications Officers can demonstrate their commitment of the most vulnerable of our citizens, children and the elderly. It’s interesting to note just how “Caring” came into existence. Many years ago the Ohio Troopers Coalition chose to become involved in Community Service programs. The first chosen action of community service was a pledge of $1,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For reasons known best to the Foundation, it chose not to accept the pledge of support from the OTC. As a direct result, in 1984 the coalition created its own ongoing program and named it Ohio Troopers Caring, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

Through Ohio Troopers Caring we are able to offer our volunteer time, energy and contributions to charitable events such as Special Olympics where Caring volunteers participate in “Tent Town,” the Challenger Little League Tournament and the Chilly Open. Ohio Troopers Caring offers Ohio State Highway Patrol Employees, both current and retired, the opportunity to give of themselves to their community and in doing so, reap the reward of doing good for the sake of doing good. Taking children in need on a Christmas shopping trip so they can experience the gift of giving or seeing a disabled child escape, even in spirit, their disability, these are the rewards of participation in Caring!

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Disp. Tommy Davis - West Jefferson

Vice President



Tpr. James Hutchinson - Hamilton


Sgt. Chris Colbert - Dayton