The Ohio Labor Council represented Ohio Troopers from 1986 through the expiration of the 1997 labor agreement. Troopers, however, grew restive within the OLC/FOP. Under the constitution of the OLC troopers were prohibited from democratically electing the officers that governed the labor union. They demanded greater democracy, accountability, and service from the organization representing their interests. They admired the troopers in other states who successfully represented themselves instead of placing their fate the hands of others who didn’t share the specific needs or desires of troopers. They quickly learned that no one was going to take care of a trooper like a trooper. Thus the Ohio State Troopers Association was formed in 1995. It won a representation election conducted by the Ohio State Employment Relations Board and ratified its first negotiated collective bargaining agreement with the State of Ohio in 1997. Since that time the O.S.T.A. has demonstrated individualized quality service found nowhere else in this state and has, as promised, formed the most democratic labor organization found anywhere. The O.S.T.A. is funded by the payroll dues deduction of its members. It negotiates the collective bargaining agreement with the State of Ohio and is charged with ensuring that the “contract” is followed and our membership is treated fairly. The O.S.T.A. represents its membership (Troopers, Sergeants, Dispatchers, and Electronic Technicians ) under that agreement.

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Disp. Kari Root - Springfield (Full-Time Release)

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Sgt. David Richendollar - Ironton (Full-Time Release)


Disp. Sara Morgan - Cambridge


Tpr. Brett Hannum - Bucyrus