Ohio State Troopers Association (O.S.T.A.)

The Ohio Labor Council represented Ohio Troopers from 1986 through the expiration of the 1997 labor agreement. Troopers however grew restive within the OLC/FOP. Under the constitution of the OLC troopers were prohibited from democratically electing the officers that governed the labor union. They demanded greater democracy, accountability and service from the organization representing their interests. They admired the troopers in other states who successfully represented themselves instead of placing their fate the hands of others who didn’t share the specific needs or desires of troopers. They quickly learned that no one was going to take care of a trooper like a trooper. Thus the Ohio State Troopers Association was formed in 1995. It won a representation election conducted by the Ohio State Employment Relations Board and ratified its first negotiated collective bargaining agreement with the State of Ohio in 1997. Since that time the OSTA has demonstrated individualized quality service found nowhere else in this state and has, as promised, formed the most democratic labor organization found anywhere. The OSTA is primarily funded by the payroll dues deduction of its members. It negotiates the collective bargaining agreement with the State of Ohio and is charged with ensuring that the “contract” is followed and our membership is treated fairly. The OSTA represents its membership (Troopers, Sergeants, Dispatchers, Radio Operators, Electronic Technicians and Communications Technicians) under that agreement.

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Sgt. Jeremy Mendenhall - Athens (Full-Time Release)

Vice President

Disp. Kari Root - Springfield (Full-Time Release)


Tpr. Sharese Williams - Academy


Sgt. Jeff Jirles - Zanesville

Ohio Troopers Caring, Inc (Caring)

The link in the chain that forges the strongest bonds with the general public and is the charitable wing of the Ohio Troopers Organizations is Ohio Troopers Caring. “Caring” is the vehicle by which Troopers and Uniform Communications Officers can demonstrate their commitment of the most vulnerable of our citizens, children and the elderly.

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Disp. Kari Root - Springfield (Full-Time Release)

Vice President

Disp. Tommy Davis - West Jefferson


Tpr. James Hutchinson - Hamilton


Sgt. Chris Colbert - Dayton

Ohio Troopers Coalition (OTC)

Over the course of time Ohio’s State Highway Patrol Troopers grew to recognize that no organization then available shared or cared about the same issues as did troopers. They felt the need to establish an organization to address those concerns. Thus the Ohio Troopers Coalition (OTC) was established in 1984 to assist in promoting the image of troopers across the state. It is what is known as the umbrella organization of our Ohio Troopers and is the eldest and the father of the rest of the Ohio Troopers Organizations.

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Dennis Gorski, Retired


Tpr. James Hutchinson - Hamilton

Vice President

Sgt. Chris Colbert - Dayton


Dan Stockdale, Retired


Sgt. Bryan Cook - Cincinnati

Troopers for a Safer Ohio (TSO)

Troopers for a Safer Ohio (TSO), is the civic wing of the Ohio Troopers Organizations. It supports collective bargaining by working together with the OSHP in protecting the funding source of the OSHP. It supports legislation that ensures a safer Ohio as well as improvements in OSHP employee careers.

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Tpr. Don Pratt - Fremont

Vice President

Disp. Travis Jones - Lebanon


Sgt. David Sizemore - Aviation


Disp. Mark Duncan - Portsmouth

Ohio State Troopers Retirees Association (OSTRA)

Ohio State Troopers Retirees Association (OSTRA) is charged with looking after the interests of Troopers and their families after retirement.

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Bruce Zuchowski

Vice President

Dennis Gorski


Dave Stevenson


Dan Stockdale

Image for Grievances are now filed electronically!

Grievances are now filed electronically. Click on the links below to go to the website for filing and to download the Electronic Grievance Filing Quick Tips as well as the Filing Procedure. To apply, go to https://oh-grievance.secure.force.com/AppLogin/. Union Electronic Grievance Filling Quick Tips

Image for 2020 Ohio Troopers Coalition Memorial Scholarship

The application for the 2020 Ohio Troopers Coalition Memorial Scholarship is now available. Four $1,000 scholarships are available. Eligibility requirements – must be a dues-paying member of either the O.S.T.A. or the O.S.T.R.A. and MUST attend a minimum of four (4) qualifying Lodge events. Applications must be received in the O.T.C. office by May 15,

Image for Commemorative Badges Now Available

Eligibility Employees within the ranks listed below are now permitted to purchase an optional Commemorative Badge. Silver Badges Trooper and Sergeant ** RETIREMENT BADGES ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.  YOU MUST BE ACTIVE IN ORDER TO PURCHASE A COMMEMORATIVE BADGE.  WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. Gold Badges Lieutenant, Staff Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel and

Image for Ohio Troopers Caring Hug-A-Bear Replacement

    In order to receive a Hug-A-Bear replacement bear, you must complete the form linked below and either email it to caring@ohiotroopers.org or fax it to 614-781-7685, Attn:  Tara.  Bears will be mailed inter-office to the Post to the attention of the requesting officer. If you have any question, please contact Kari Root or

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